Thoughts on distribution strategy and CEO/firm misalignment

  1. Fund I is a generational fund and “made” the firm.
  2. Fund I demonstrated that we can identify, help build and exit great, category defining companies.
  3. Fund I put enormous gains in LPs accounts, giving us a lot of latitude in how we think about the timing of realizing value in the future.
  4. Fund I showed us the importance of building a great LP base that trusts us, is aligned with how we manage the business and is focused on long-term value creation and not short-term distributions.
  5. Now that IA is viewed as a serious firm, we can focus on optimizing value for LPs without concern for “proving ourselves” .



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Roger Ehrenberg

Roger Ehrenberg


partner @ebergcapital. owner @iasportsteam & @marlins. founding partner @iaventures. @thetradedeskinc @Wise. @UMich @Columbia_Biz. family man. wolverine. 〽️