Announcing Eberg Capital — a labor of love

Roger Ehrenberg
2 min readFeb 2, 2022
The Eberg Family

Those who know me well know that I’m a family man. Married to my college sweetheart. We together were very involved in our boys’ myriad activities — school, sports, extracurriculars, etc. It truly has been a family affair from earliest days. As our sons matured and developed their own passions and pursuits, it became clear that their interests in business, markets, sports and technology began to increasingly overlap with mine. And with their new knowledge and focus came engagement: buying and selling stocks, crypto and NFTs, while spending time with me discussing investment assessment, entry and exit rules, bet sizing and portfolio construction. What was once dabbling became a side hustle, and with it came the desire to play better, smarter — and bigger. This evolution happened largely in line with my pulling back at IA Ventures to chart a new course, and little did I know that part of my path would be starting an investment partnership, Eberg Capital, with my sons Andrew and Ethan.

The Eberg Capital boys

One of the coolest parts of being a parent is witnessing the evolution of your children into adults, where the nature and content of conversations become increasingly similar to those you have with your peers. And in this case, Andrew, Ethan and I discuss investing much as I would with a founder or a peer in the venture space. Sure, they’re young, but they have grown up in a world so different from my own, and what’s native to them is learned for me. They have a level of acculturation, empathy and perspective that I simply don’t have, and in these early days of working together I’ve already learned so much from the two of them. And I’m so excited to learn — and to give- so much more in the future.

Our focus at Eberg Capital will be all things web3 — startups, infrastructure, projects, tokens, NFTs, etc. At times, Eberg Capital will invest alongside our family partnership IA Capital, which I’ve been investing out of since 2006, to swing even bigger. While each of us has a lot going on in our personal and work lives, “Eberg” gives us the chance to work on something together that is exciting, chock full of learning and hopefully lucrative. Time will tell, but I think we’ve got a pretty good team. If you’re interested in working with us, please shoot us a note at and we’d love to hear from you.

See you around the metaverse.

The Eberg Boys.



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